Sunday, June 1, 2008


I am so thrilled that life gives you so much air to breathe...and so many pictures to learn from.

Life gives you so many feelings, painful roads, emotional trips, joy, excitment and space to get better and better.

Am very positive about life, as everybody has the space to get better and better. What am I sayin??

People that love Light can fully understand. No matter who you think you are..and no matter where you come from, your background, family relations, country, your appearance, you can always work hard to give your very best. Everybody was born with a talent, with a gift, a mission to fulfill. Some people get brilliant when they pursue their passion.

I have created this blog, as my mission is life is to use my voice, my music and my enthusiasm to encourage others to fulfill their potential.

Never listen to Nay Sayers, people who are Whiners, or people who are ready to destroy other people's dreams. You find these people moving around like a virus...but I encourage people to put a VIRUS ELIMINATOR in their brain system, heart and continue to pursue the passion.

I believe that the secret of success in life is to really know WHO YOU ARE, and then when you find what you are BEST at, you will invest all your energy, time and also resources to get your potential to the best level ever.

Myself as an artist, I am in a journey to be better, as in doing so, I will make a more significant difference to the people.

God Bless you and keep the Faith.

Keep focused and stay blessed. You are too BLESSED to be STRESSED.

Please keep in touch with me, as your comments can help me grow.

La Barokka'

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