Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Dearest Friends,

Wake up!

It's time for you to Get Up, Chin Up and Move!

Time is ticking and there is not enough time for you to live a 'deadly' life...

Am saying this coz this week I had an experience, where I opened myself up and said the words I had to say to a group of people....I love people around me, but love also requires strength to speak the Truth....

Truth sets us free....and thus I encourage you to find the strength in your heart to accept the truth in your life and be truthful to people around you..Love them and work for their best, even if they despise you....still say the truth and Love them...

Spreading love, a cocktail of strength and faith, and fresh air of truth, leads to a HAPPY HANG OVER!

GOD BLESS YOU ALL....I know I sound crazy, but am sayin the truth.


La Barokka

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