Friday, June 20, 2008


Dearest Friends,

Today am writing really from the deepest ends of my soul.
Choose your Friends Team....Not anbody can qualify in your team. Be careful to choose the EAGLE TEAM, friends that were tested positive for Sincere Friendship.
Be very careful who you stay with, and make sure that your friends are positive, loving and people that are there for you in difficult times.
No not anybody can qualify. Your Friends team can determine your level of success.
Go to your mobile phone and DELETE the names of those who don't give a damn about your dreams....Dream thieves can steal your LIFE.
Choose your people...and you will be surprised how little your list is going to be..
Why all this?? Special genuine people, that really deeply care about you, are only the VERY FINEST...
Special people are like Diamonds, they won't be found very easily...
It's better you stay on your own, rather than connecting with a Virus Infected Group..
Be loving to others, but don't TRUST 'badly infected' people around you..coz one day they will steal totally your JOY, LOVE AND DREAMS.

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