Sunday, July 20, 2008


Dearest Friends,

An interesting thought by "Adversity cause some men to break; others to break records."

Wow, what an interesting statement.

When Adversity emerges like a Tsunami in your life, you might think that Life is over and that there is no possibility for you to move on...but you are wrong...

Think about how Adveristy can push you to break records, perform better, work harder and aim higher..

Lately I have been so shocked about a tragedy in Malta, where a man called Simon managed to live after 7 days in the a dramatic experience without food, water, holding tight to his son and helping others to continue living after an explosion on his boat...

But Simon is a hero...and although his son was not found, what he did in the past week was an act of a true hero...A man who could have easily died had he given up...but he didn't.... It's a great misfortune that his son of 11 years has not been found...but Simon is a true example of a Man who Broke a Record when Faced with Adversity. God Bless him.

La Barokka

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Unknown said...

you are right. i have also recovered from a masive adversity and now i am much more confident about the philosophy of life,i also guide others as well, when they tend to do the same mistake as i did. thanks for encouraging people and me specially.