Saturday, July 12, 2008


Dearest friends,

So many people on this earth are really GOOD people. My mentor Jim Rohn says that in this world there are only 'nine nasty people, it's not alot, but they really move around!'

Jim Rohn is really right.......coz in this world the majority of people are good people...but the nasty people move around like a virus....We find them on TV stations, newspapers and often as well as column writers.

I dare you now to be better than more good than I am, I dare you.

Focus to be always better than others in doing good and spreading the LIGHT that is so much needed in this world. I encourage you to keep focused and determined to be a THAT person that creates a difference, a positive difference. The nasty ones that try to put darkness, I dare them to cast LIGHT..I dare them switch on the LIGHT...

To those who criticize each move that I make, I DARE YOU TO BE BETTER THAN ME....!

God Bless,

La Barokka

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