Sunday, September 21, 2008

AM BACK....!

Hi dearest friends,

After my days in hospital, I am back!

Thank God for each breath that I take and I praise Him!

Some people get really frustrated when I praise God...and I know why. People who have long ago decided to worship darkness, will never be pleased to see the light..

But I said many times, I choose to follow God, the real King of this world and nobody else..

At the moment am preparing for my concert in Brussels, in one of the Eu buildings and also for my Florida concert in January 2009. In a few weeks my new single will be out..

I want to use this blog to encourage you to be strong, no matter what people are telling you, no matter how many failing attempts you had in your past. Past is to be left behind, and today is the day for you to live your dreams, and invest in your joy and the joy of others.

La Barokka Mission is going stronger by the minute..coz am determined to succeed, no matter what.

GOD BLESS YOU a Trillion times.


La Barokka

1 comment:

Malta said...

Grazzi `l Alla li smajt lehnek ergajt illum fl-ahbarijiet.Ilni ghassa ghal lehnek mindu ghedtli li qeghda ghar-recovering,biex nara li qeghda lura x-xoghol qawwija u shiha.Jien mieghek 100% fil-Barokka Mission.
YOU (C.Sybil Waldrop)

I see in YOU far greater possibilities than you see in yourself.
God has placed in you such wonderful potential.
I want to see you become all GOD made you able to become.

A rose day keeps sadness away :)