Friday, August 8, 2008


After weeks of listening to rubbish comments from people who dare to say 'they know it all', I am committed to change.

I know you can feel me.

In this country where I live, I meet people who think they are the gods of wisdom, and then when you give them space to 'teach' their glittery wisdom, you will be amazed how empty people can be. Funnily enough these people get in the most top positions...

so today I committed to change, to continue to move forward in my journey.

I know who I am and still have to discover more my inner power to create a difference.

In October am going to give a concert in Brussels, and in January am off to Florida you know America is my favourite country for now.....who knows maybe a USA led by Barack Obama...

No matter what, GOD is my only Saviour, and I only focus on his light..

When I get home today, I will read the Bible, and wash my soul and heart from the negativity this world can give you.

I encourage you strongly to believe in your DREAMS....

Your World of Dreams is your only Hope of Happiness.....


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